Are you the kind of person who takes good decisions, wants to make a difference and relishes a challenge?


Are you ready for Dahmen? 

We work hard every day. We start early in the morning. And we work until late. Each and every day we are committed to making improvements. We never stop working hard for our customers.

Sailing close to the wind.

Our business is about precision and dynamics. We produce using state-of-the-art technology. Our customers are people like you and I. We are all working in a business world that keeps changing at a fast pace. Global links increase every day, leading to truly global relationships. Like us, our customers have to work in an environment of global competitive pressure. Workload and time pressure often play a major role. When our customers buy or order wire products from us they often give us just a quick call or send us an email, and our staff take care of all the necessary arrangements. That way, we provide valuable support to our customers by helping them free up time for their core tasks.


What can you do? 

Technical skills are not enough. What other skills and competencies do you have? 
At Dahmen, every job matters. Tell us about your working style. Whatever the field, for instance engineering or product development, we are looking for high fliers. Our products are the result of technology and service. Can you feel our passion? Could you share it? If so, get in touch. We are always on the look-out for qualified staff.


Be creative.